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Audrey Voon

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Photo by Jonathan Sakkos

Audrey Voon began teaching at CPM in 2011 during our Summer Musical Theatre Workshop. She is now the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of our sister organization, Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective, a nonprofit music & theatre arts education organization located in the heart of downtown St. Johns, Portland, Oregon.

In the Studio

Audrey teaches individual lessons in voice and beginning/intermediate piano at the Cathedral Park Music Home Studio on N. Edison Street in the Cathedral Park Neighborhood of North Portland. She believes that everyone is capable of making beautiful music, and she aims to guide her students as they find their own musical voice and explore their individual musical passions. Students in Ms. Voon’s studio are taught to explore the joy of making music by building their music literacy through singing, playing, listening, and reading. As a student in Ms. Voon’s studio, you are expected to practice regularly, whether for 5 or 50 minutes a day is up to you–the importance is in developing the practice of practicing. As a student, you are encouraged to take part in Cathedral Park Music recitals throughout the school year, for it is when you share your music with others that you truly understand the full scope of being a musician and can assess your musical growth.

  • Piano – Beginning and intermediate pianists in Ms. Voon’s studio primarily use Faber & Faber’s Piano Adventures method books. Other materials include exercises, such as those from Hanon, and a diverse array of solo and ensemble material chosen carefully by or in collaboration with you, the student.
  • Voice – Singers in Ms. Voon’s studio develop their musicianship through sight-reading using solfege and Curwen hand signs. Beginning singers will explore their voice using books such as Adventures in Singing (Ware) to guide their exploration. Strong emphasis is placed on vocal health and developing one’s own vocal warm-up routine. Areas of technical focus include breath management and support, posture, resonance, and diction. Genres include, but are not limited to, folk song, art song, Classical, and Popular genres.

On the Stage

Ms. Voon is a working musician and choral conductor. She enjoys singing and playing keys with her fellow musicians at venues in and around the Portland, Oregon area. Her most recent performance projects include Hey, Handsome, a soulful Jazz/R&B trio, and Dapper Badger, a 9-piece rock band with full horn section. She is also the proud choral conductor of the St. Johns Women’s Choir with Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective (CPPAC) and facilitates the Intergenerational Program at CPPAC.  

Audrey expresses deep gratitude for all the teachers who helped shape her into the musician she has and continues to become. Most notably, Judith Montgomery and the late Dr. Roger Doyle from her alma mater, the University of Portland. Audrey holds a Master of Arts in Teaching in Music Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Music-Vocal Performance Emphasis from University of Portland.


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