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Cathedral Park Business Card Horizontal Green No Bleed KFS“Teacher-student relationship must be based on mutual respect and awareness of the complex personal feelings that each person brings to the studio.”

-Richard Miller

Learning an instrument, whether it be your voice or the piano, is a discipline that can have many positive effects on your life. Cathedral Park Music strives to work openly with each student, assessing your individual goals in music and performance.

Our approach involves incorporating music into your daily life in a realistic way, based on your academic or work schedule.  After each lesson, we help you map out a weekly plan to assure progress towards your personal goals and the utmost satisfaction.

Our philosophy at Cathedral Park Music is to build self-determination and facilitate creativity through music.  We want you to learn how to confront challenges, open up emotionally, and grow as an individual.  We believe music can enrich your life.

Opportunities to perform are encouraged and facilitated by CPM staff members.  We guide you through the planning, organizing, and staging of performances, developing a keen sense of independence and empowerment.  You will have a holistic learning experience that allows you to realize your fullest potential in the ‘real’ world of music.

Learning to play and perform music is a process with many rewards.  Our teachings of posture, breathing, and body alignment for practice and performance are central to a long and healthy musical journey.

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