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Reflections-2012 Winter Workshop

Reflections on the 2012 Winter Workshop It is important to slow down every so often, look around and absorb the moment. Especially this time of year. Stop, breath deeply, take your anger, frustration, or fear, sculpt it into a ball and hand it to your teammate beside you. Your teammate, in turn, accepts your emotion and shapes […]

Head Shots for cast of “Oliver!”

Musical Theatre Workshop 2012

Hopefully, you’ve seen posters, brochures, and even our posting on the signboard at the entrance of downtown St. Johns. Maybe you’d like to know what our Musical Theater Workshop is all about. Maybe you’ve got some of the same questions (or doubts) that we’ve heard from others about yet another children’s camp. Who are the […]

Musical Theatre Workshop 2011

Well, the 1st week has already come and gone and we’ve had so much fun. There were moments when it didn’t seem like things would come together for the big performance, but our cast would not be deterred.  Friday’s performance was a delight.  We had approximately 50 family & community members in the audience, standing […]

Musical Theatre Workshop 2011

The cast showed up on the first morning with some nervous energy, slightly hesitant to jump into activities, but it did not take long for their personalities to unfold.  “Everybody Yes” an activity designed to promote improvisation  caught them by surprise and soon enough we were uncontrollably dancing, shaking, laughing, and jumping around the room. […]