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Musical Theatre Workshop 2011

Cast of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Well, the 1st week has already come and gone and we’ve had so much fun. There were moments when it didn’t seem like things would come together for the big performance, but our cast would not be deterred.  Friday’s performance was a delight.  We had approximately 50 family & community members in the audience, standing room only!  In the end, we accomplished our goals of bringing community together, promoting team work and instilling a sense of interdependence in our participants.

If I’m not mistaken, everyone left the cottage Friday afternoon with a smile on their face and the cast was ready to return for another week of hard work, laughter, and, of course, music.

I’m still working on the video and photos, but there will be plenty to choose from if you missed your favorite moment.  In fact, feel free to send me an email citing the specific moment of the performance you’d like to see photographed.

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