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Musical Theatre Workshop 2012

Hopefully, you’ve seen posters, brochures, and even our posting on the signboard at the entrance of downtown St. Johns. Maybe you’d like to know what our Musical Theater Workshop is all about. Maybe you’ve got some of the same questions (or doubts) that we’ve heard from others about yet another children’s camp.

  • Who are the instructors at Cathedral Park Music?
  • What separates your workshop from other camps?
  • Should our child join even though they have never done musical theatre?
  • What will they really get out of the the workshop?

Well, there’s no better time than now to answer those questions.

First and foremost, our workshop is a place where students can be a valuable part of a team, a team in which all of the members share a common goal: the final performance. We invest in the individual growth of each participant and the collective growth of our cast. Our staff includes professional musicians, actors, and educators who believe that every child should be empowered to achieve their potential.

Our College and High School Leadership Program promotes inter-generational communication and fosters more empathy across age groups.  As our participants work towards a common goal, they are able to open up and pursue a deeper understanding of each other.

This summer, Abraham, 19 (pictured above), Alex, 17, and Siobhan, 17, came to Cathedral Park Music with their own unique skill-sets and embraced the responsibility for not only learning their respective roles, but also supporting their younger cast mates.

And let’s not forget the children.  By the end of the workshop, each child clearly becomes more vested in the group. They routinely ask to repeat activities that incorporate desirable attributes such as self-expression, positivity, encouragement, and the power of a focused mind. Each day, they sing with more emphasis and grow into their respective characters.

This summer, the collective investment led to 2 successful performances, each after only 5 days of rehearsal. The performances involved 11 scenes from the musical, “Oliver!”, quite an accomplishment! The feedback from participants tells us that each one of them felt more confident and part of the team by week’s end.

We are looking forward to overcoming future challenges as a team and working towards another successful performance this Winter. Come join us the week of December 17th – 21st.

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